From the observations of visible fingerprints on the glass panels, this could be one way to bring our Cai Png culture forward into our digitalized world

more often than not, you’ll see the Cai Png stall in almost every food court and hawker centre. It has become a household lingo and almost always the go-to for every customer when faced with endless meal choices in Singapore. 

The beauty of Cai Png is that you decide your combinations of meats and vegetables, with your carbohydrates being either rice or noodles.

Peak hour is here, and consumers and stall owners panic. People start to crowd the stall hovering over the glass panels, trying to see what’s on the menu, and what’s good for lunch. As the peak crowd flows in, the owners prepare themselves for each and every order.

They try to account for every customer’s set of side dishes, but the rate of customers swarming in is faster than they can fill up their plates with rice. 

“It’ll be too inefficient for me to wait for customers to decide on which side dishes they’d like, sometimes we’d even have some miscommunication with them!”

With interactive glass panels where customers can decide on the side dishes by tapping on them, stall owners are also effectively notified which side dishes are chosen, judging from the glowing surfaces beneath the trays.
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