A design solution for users to quickly and easily manage their home sound system
This is an ongoing work-in-progress, feel free to chat me up to explore the possibilities of this humble work of mine!
Problems pre-research:
Domain knowledge
Unfamiliarity for non-expert users
Language barrier, in terms of understanding and learning of technical terms
A design solution that..
- aids users, both general and expert type, to quickly and easily manage their home sound system
- promotes efficiency when managing their home sound system
- educates users on managing their home sound system
Getting to know the users..
Through user research, personas, problem statements, and user journey map​​​​​​​
User Journey Map
Persona: Sarah
Scenario: She is hosting a festive dinner with her family, and she wants to use her home sound system to play some background music while feasting on the scrumptious dinner they've all prepared

- Usage of the home sound system to be seamless and smooth
- To be able to feel that the sound system is reliable
- To allow everyone present to play a part in setting up of the background music
Starting the design..
Considerations for sitemap, wireframes, lo-fi prototypes, and usability studies
Considerations about the sitemap / info architecture
- Some context is needed, as in to consider the relevancy and workflows when interacting with sound systems
- How to best present this user experience of mingling with a sound system?
- Sound is part of our 5 senses - how best to translate this very personal experience, into something customisable?
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